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Max's Tranquil Space

Tranquil Space

Tranquil Space

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"Tranquil Spaceis made with the all-natural herbs like Angelica Root and Hyssop. And the essential oils Eucalyptus and Vanilla are battling it out to aid you in cleansing and releasing. "Tranquil Space" is not meant to substitute any medical or medication treatments/regimens. "Tranquil Space" is used for:

  • Rising Vibration
  • Cleansing Aura
  • Releasing Bad Energies
  • Releasing Anxiety
  • Balance
  • Restoration
  • Tranquility 
  • Purity


My Intention Oils are made with all-natural herbs, essential oils and carrier oils. Almond oils is used as the base/carrier oil.

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I usually ship within 3 -5 days of purchases. There on no refunds or exchanges on Intention Oils sold.

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