How to Use my Intention Oils

My Intention Oils are made with all-natural herbs, essential oils, and carrier oils. Do a skin patch test before using my Intention Oils to check for allergies. Do not use if allergic.  Do not apply my Intention Oils to your mucous membranes(eyes, mouth, and nose), inner ears or genital/buttock areas. To use the 10ml size lightly push the roller down on your outer skin areas, apply then massage. To use the 30ml size apply one dropper full at a time to your outer skin areas then massage. After you apply my Intention Oils pray, chant, sing, meditate, say affirmations/mantras or do whatever makes you happy for 3 or more minutes. Bam, you’re all done. My Intention Oils can be used in baths and put on items. Yes, you can wear/use more than one Intention Oil at a time. Many blessings!!

-with gratitude Maxine